Big smile. Big heart. But the biggest big of all Stacy’s bigs being the boundless borders abided by her big brain. Stacy Jimenez is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine but strives for so much more by continuing to research, absorb, and in turn be better at helping others heal.

A Natural Learner

“Learning just came so naturally,” says Jimenez. “I just had a natural interest in learning. I loved studying for tests.”

During chiropractic school, she describes what she studied as “extremely hard” and “taxing,” all of which she enjoyed, soaking up abundant amounts of knowledge with a whopping 27 credit hours per semester. She’s continually learning now, arming herself for the next patient who walks through her big door and into her big heart seeking solutions. She’s trained in Graston Technique (a form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization pointed at breaking down scar tissue and fascial restrictions), cold laser therapy and K-tape application, the trio working together to catalyze healing. She’s also trained in acupuncture and massage therapy. She provides a plethora of diagnostic tools and is adept in posture screenings, gait analysis, motion palpation, joint motion evaluation and, of course, at reading and analyzing x-rays. She’s even becoming bilingual as she spends much of her time helping the Hispanic population.

Becoming Bilingual

“I’m not fluent, but I speak some Spanish,” says Jimenez. “I’m still pretty white. It’s hard to get the R’s. …  The last year that’s kind of how my practice has been turning in seeing a lot more of the Hispanic community. They’re very underserved, especially with chiropractic. They’re so deserving, and they don’t know where to go.”

Last Minute Change of Direction

Jimenez early on wasn’t sure where to go either. Originally from Nebraska, she planned to study real estate at the University of Omaha. Two weeks before the first day of everything escrow, egress, cumulative-use zoning, adjustable rate mortgage, and amortization, she visited the Kansas City area, specifically Johnson County Community College, rarely living, studying, or working elsewhere since. It was her first anatomy and physiology class at JCCC that ignited the spark for more, more, more knowledge. Massage therapy school soon ensued followed by a brief bent as a massage therapist, which ended up leaving her with more questions than answers, frustrated but motivated to find a straighter, more aligned path.

“I felt kind of limited as a massage therapist and wanted to provide more answers for clients,” says Jimenez. “I wanted to be able to do more therapy or take x-rays. Chiropractic was always kind of back there somewhere.”

Discovering a Mentor

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In the vast reaches, she also developed the thought of owning her own business. She finally found her answer at Cleveland Chiropractic College. She educated herself and then began educating others at Dr. Michelle Robin’s Your Wellness Connection (YWC), Shawnee, in March of 2014. For Jimenez, it was the perfect plane on which to conjoin her passions for entrepreneurship and chiropractic care but also bridge questions and answers. She emphasizes “patient education,” teaches each about their central nervous system, builds a wellness plan insulated with a variety of therapies, and sometimes doesn’t even provide an adjustment until the third or fourth session.

Dr. Robin has built a thriving practice on the very concept of patient education and is at the top of her game contracting and collaborating with a varied pool of talent and expertise in chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, nutrition, and so much more. Her adoring following developed from her forward-thinking, spaced-aged idea of a health collective orbiting her philosophy of helping people heal through addressing all four quadrants of the body: mechanical, chemical, psychological and energetic.

“That’s really her thing,” says Jimenez. “It’d be a disservice to patients if we didn’t tap into all of those quadrants of their health.”

One such example walks taller, breathes better, overall moves with more ease and less pain and discomfort. Jeanette has been a patient of Dr. Robin’s since 2008. When she first arrived, she was on nine medications. She’s now on none. She no longer suffers from high blood pressure, asthma, Diabetes, and her triglycerides dropped from 650 to 120 all via lifestyle changes and the comprehensive approach served up by YWC.

“I am seriously this walking advertisement for what we can do without medical intervention,” says Jeanette. “It’s truly phenomenal.”

Revealing the Power of Diet

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An important part of Jeanette’s healing process involved drastic dietary redirection, which happened to be one of the few weapons missing from Jimenez’s gargantuan arsenal at the inception of her chiropractic career.

“That’s a huge piece of my practice I didn’t think I’d be talking about,” says Jimenez. “I had no idea I’d be talking about eating greens, coconut oil, and probiotics.”

What did she do? That’s correct. She set out to learn more by consuming, digesting, and absorbing as much information as possible. She’s able to conveniently refer out to YWC nutritionists the rare moment she’s unable to fire away an answer.

Educator, Healer

Three years into owning her own business while continuously growing in more ways than one, Jimenez is mostly grateful, above all else, for the big opportunity to educate first, heal second.

“I have the knowledge,” says Jimenez. “I always think, okay, I need to know more. I need to learn more. I need to educate more. I need more knowledge so that I can help.

“What I love most is seeing someone’s reaction after they’re pain-free. I just feed off that. I just love it.”