A Real Estate Life

People are fascinated by real estate.  Look around the cable channels on any given evening and you will find people hunting for houses, building small houses, or renovating old houses.  Websites abound with housing values, home searches, and articles about how you, too, can become a real estate investor and make millions.

A natural step for many Americans is to think about becoming a real estate agent.  I know because I talk to people every day about getting their real estate license.  Here are a few of my thoughts regarding the profession of real estate sales.

Harder Than You Think, Better Than You Can Imagine

So many people have a fundamentally flawed view of what it is that real estate agents do.  I can promise you that looking at houses is less than 15% of any successful real estate agent’s life.  The successful real estate agent is actually a real estate business.  Sure, they work under a broker and therefore display their brokers’ signs and names but yes, they do operate as a small business.

Daily tasks include lead generation, accounting, marriage counseling, basic psychology, economics, drafting of contracts, and managing the expectations of their clients, cooperating agents and, if they have any, staff. Then we can throw in the challenges of maintaining a healthy and happy family life and still having time for yourself.

No doubt all of this can challenge even the most determined of individuals, thus the high failure rate for would-be successful real estate agents. For those that make it, however, I will promise you that most never imagined how good this business can be.

I’m a college dropout with a couple of business failures to my name. I was thirty-seven before I got my real estate license and I had to scrape together the money to do so. That first year was challenging. Even though I was having noticeable success I poured every dollar I earned into training, marketing and bettering myself.

Two February’s ago I sat on a pier on Cozumel watching the sunset with my wife while we pinched each other.  Neither of us had ever truly believed we would be “that couple” who seemingly had it all together. Yet, here we were. We were now debt free except for our house.  We now had money for fun vacations and helping our kids and giving to our church…all without hesitation.

The American Dream

Are You Prepared for Winter?

The American Dream used to be all about owning your own house. Now they say it is all about owning your own business. As real estate agents we get to tie the two together. We make our money, and therefore our dreams come true, by helping others to achieve their dreams.  Win-Win.

Can you truly wish for a better life?