As you begin to take down the lights from the roof, and the wreath from the door,
you think of a new year and spring will soon roar.
How can you get your gardening, decorating, and artistic fix?
When all you can see is a wintery mix.
What can be done to fill that wintery span,
of no fun decorations, or parties to plan?
Below are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing,
For soon the seeds you sow will begin growing.

Winter Garden: Recycle Christmas Tree

A used Christmas Tree can be recycled to accent the winter landscape.  You can cut branches from the tree and position them in containers or in the ground.  Add cuttings of berries, small sculptures, colored branches, and other contrasting and unique textures to your outdoor art.  If you keep the soil moist you can keep these installations looking good for quite some time.

Plan Spring Garden:

Do you have a spring time project that you want to tackle?  It could be as simple as a few new annuals for the front landscape or as large as a complete backyard makeover with pools, kitchens, living areas, landscape, lighting and more.  Now is the time to get the ball rolling.  If you plan to do it yourself, then you need to begin collecting ideas, images, and research from online sites, like Houzz, Pinterest, etc.  and researching plants on sites like

If you are going to hire a professional, CALL NOW.  The professionals that have a quality reputation will already be booking their spring schedules before the end of the year.  Some landscapers can be booked out months at a time.  You need to begin finding who you want to work with right away and doing your due diligence in checking referrals, reputation, and experience.  Start the process now so that you can get it done in time to enjoy it next summer.

Image provided by Royal Creations Architectural Landscaping

Indoor Garden:

Around the Great Lakes – Heart of Midwestern Americana!

Create a living indoor planter with mixed plants of all textures and sizes to enjoy and care for in the off season.  Succulents are a great way to start interior gardening.  They take very little care as they need little water and sometime prefer neglect over too much attention.

Start Seeds:

You can also begin to plan you early spring crop and start purchasing seeds and setting up for your starter pots.  If you like to grow your own food it is always fun to try one or two new things every year.


Plan, Construct, Repurpose Garden Furniture:

Another way to stay creative and improve your space is to plan furniture projects for your outdoor rooms.  You can repurpose old furniture that you may find at a flea market or thrift store by painting or staining it.  Maybe you could add some stone or tile to make it more suitable for outdoors.  Then there is pallet furniture, where you take old pallets and assemble them together to make a couch, or a coffee table, or even a floating bed.  These can be finished in many ways as well by painting, staining, or even burning them for character.

Visit Art Gallery, Attend Gardening Events:

If you look around in the winter, you can find other people who have the same itch as you and want to be doing something creative.  Below are a few ideas for things you can use to plan a day of fun.

Visiting a local museum or gallery is a great way to spend the day inside during the depths of winter.   We have many to choose from in our great city including the Nelson Atkins, the Kemper Museum for Contemporary Art, the Kansas City Museum, the Jazz Museum, and numerous others.  Spending the day engaged in the artifacts and history of any of these great treasures to our city will leave you inspired and rejuvenated.

You can also try the indoor celery dye experiment with your kids as fun activity to get your kids eyes off of the phone, I-pad, or screen for at least 10 minutes.  This fun activity can be found on the Kansas City Community Gardens website at

Or you can visit the Spring Splendor Conservatory Exhibit:  At Powell Gardens –  January 14, 2017  

Draw, Paint, or Color:

Morocco: A Land of Enticement

Don’t forget to draw.  As we get older we somehow forget about our instinctual sense of drawing as a form of communication.  We all have some primal skill of communication with drawing.  Some have honed their skills more deliberately than others.  But we all have the capability.  For those who really can not overcome their fear there is a new tool available.  Adult Coloring books can be found at nearly any bookstore today.  Grab a set of colored pencils, markers, chalk, or paint and start filling in between the lines.  It can be a very relaxing way to unwind, especially during these cold wintery days where you can’t imagine going outside.

I hope you enjoyed the ideas and the thought,
Dispose of those pumpkins, by now they have rot.
Keep yourself occupied and the time will soon pass,
Before you know it, you will be mowing the grass.

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