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A Real Estate Life

A Real Estate Life People are fascinated by real estate.  Look around the cable channels on any given evening and you will find people hunting for houses, building small houses, or renovating old houses.  Websites abound with housing values, home searches, and...

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Your Older Loved Ones and Scams Part 2

  In part one of this series, we discussed and illustrated the types of scams that to which our elder citizens can be vulnerable. Here, we discuss preventative and palliative measures. Avoid Becoming a Victim The best course of action is to avoid becoming a...

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Real Estate Inspector Myths

General Question – Real Estate Inspector Myths “So, Phyllis, when is the real estate industry going to do something about these unqualified home inspectors that won’t reject homes that are about to collapse?” This question came from a networking friend and another...

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Your Older Loved Ones and Scams Part 1

June picked up the ringing phone and was thrust into an emergency: “Grandma, Hi it’s me, Jeff. I’m hoping you can help me,” the voice on the phone breathlessly pleaded. Jeff proceeded to tell her how he had gone to Mexico for the long weekend with some of his college...

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The 58th Presidential Inauguration

“Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins’ office is able to extend you tickets to the 58th Presidential Inauguration of President-Elect Donald J. Trump on January 20, 2017!” I received that notification on January 9th of this year....

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How Much Is My House Worth?

Seller Question – How much is my house worth? Please, sellers, don’t take offense, but this is not a valid equation to figure the value of your house. What you and your neighbors paid for their houses, if it was more than three to six months ago, has no bearing on...

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Are You Prepared for Winter?

Winter is finally here, and with it come days of arctic cold, ice, and snow. Winter can be a dangerous time for anyone, especially elderly folks who live alone. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that you learn about the type of winter...

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