Togetherness, Closeness, and Connections

How would you like to have someone invite 30 people to an upscale restaurant in the best part of town, pay for lunch, and everyone shows up.  Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Also sounds like no matter what you are doing whether for-profit or nonprofit, you would get a...

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Marilyn Arnold on Networking

Have you noticed that there is no shortage of networking events to attend?  How do you decide which ones to attend? Have you attended lots of different events and then move on to something else because you didn’t get any business or because there were two or three...

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This Month in the Law: The First Amendment

Welcome back to This Month in the Law! This marks our two month anniversary, which is a fancy way of saying I actually wrote something before July ended. I am pretty proud of this because it means This Month in The Law remains a valid title for at least another month!...

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This Month in the Law: Free Speech

“This Month in the Law” Begins Publication Growing up, I loved This Week in Baseball (TWIB). Every Saturday I could tune in to get a snapshot of everything happening around major league baseball. This was the era before ESPN, so there were no nightly highlight shows...

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Socrates and the Barbarians

Scott Samuelson wrote an opinion piece in the March 28, 2014, issue of the Wall Street Journal. The title of his article was, “Would you hire Socrates?” He said the myth that studying humanities doesn’t pay was debunked by a study co-authored by the Association of...

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