Persevering or Throwing In the Towel?

Question: I know my business has tremendous potential, but at the moment we’re barely breaking even, and the pressure is on (at home and elsewhere) to give it a quiet burial. How do you know when (or if) to cash in your chips and take your losses? The Answer: A good...

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Question: I have several innovative ideas relating to my position, but the management always seems to find a way to nix them. What do you suggest? Consider the response a college student (with a very innovative idea) got several years ago:  "So we went to Atari and...

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Should We Care About the Rule of Law?

The “Rule of Law” sounds like an arcane concept. At its heart, it is simply the idea that our nation is ruled by laws which apply to everyone equally. President John Adams famously described “a government of laws, not men.” It is such a fundamental part of our system...

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Local Man Makes a Difference Through Coffee

A typical day starts early for Michael Johnson, owner of Revocup South Coffee. People need their morning coffee, and Michael is going to make sure he is there to help them out. The idea of helping people started early in life for Michael, when he joined the boy scouts...

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Why Should You Hire a Veteran?

Why Should You Hire a Veteran? The short answer is because it’s good for you and good for your business. Let me explain. The federal government, universities, banks, companies that have government contracts and others who do business with the federal government are...

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