Jessica Seitzer is a Young Professional with a degree in Business Management who loves working in the Banking industry. A former psychology major, Jessica decided that banking was her passion and after roughly 14 years in the industry, she recently stepped into a Business Banker role where she shares her “never ending passion” for helping people.

Cathy – What are some of the best memories you have growing up? Are you willing to share some of the things you got in trouble for?

Jessica – As far as getting in trouble, it was talking. Every time. In 1st grade; the teacher had green cards, yellow cards, and red cards. If you got into trouble for something that day, you consequently received a red card, which meant a notice was sent home with you. Mind you it was just a notice, it didn’t request parent signature or anything of that nature. Needless to say, I received a few red card notices that year for talking. My Mom tells the story of her deciding to rearrange the furniture one afternoon. She goes to move the couch, and there is a huge pile of red card notices sitting there. She describes looking at me, and I had a terrified look on my face while I pretended to not notice the discovery she’d made. Hahaha, I don’t remember what kind of trouble I was in after that, but I definitely remember watching her find the notes.

Cathy – At that age, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Jessica – A dancer and an actress, no doubt. I remember just loving Paula Abdul. I used to make up these horrific dances to songs; then I would beg my family to come and watch me as I struggled through summer salts and jazz hands. As I got older, I realized my dreams of being on Star Search were slim, so I moved onto Banking. Ha ha.

Cathy – Are you married and do you have kids?

Jessica – Yes, I’m married to my adorable husband, Brandon. Together we have two boys, Weston age 7 and Max age 3. No pets as of yet.

Cathy – What advice would like to give to your kids based on your life experiences?

Jessica – Push through uncomfortable or hard situations, at the end of it comes real growth; you’ll be glad you did it. Smile at strangers, hold the door open for people, and always look for the good in them. And, CALL YOUR MOTHER.

Cathy – What’s the best business or personal advice you ever received?

Jennifer – Great things never came from comfort zones.

Cathy – What comes to mind when I say, “Success.” Do you have a description of it for yourself; what about others?

Jessica – For me, success is feeling at peace. It’s having peace of mind that you are on the right track. It’s watching your kids’ full-on belly laugh, it’s feeling energized about your goals at work, it’s giving something your all because you really enjoy it. It’s enjoying the ride, while all of the other things fall into place.

Cathy – What’s your favorite type of cuisine, book, movie? What draws you to it?

Jessica – I love wine and cheese. I don’t really need to explain that one. My favorite book would be Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now (there’s that psychology component again). I think my favorite movie would be After Earth, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith. I don’t believe it received glowing reviews, but it really spoke to me. The emphasis is on fear and getting past your fears. I just loved it.

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