Join us for a conversation with Jermaine Wilson, Mayor of Leavenworth, Kansas. Jermaine explains how he found his unique identity in the marketplace, how his faith in God allows him to be who he is, how he works with all his heart and approaches his work like a father taking care of his family.

Jermaine Wilson was elected to serve as a city commissioner for a four-year term in January of 2018. His term expires in January,  2022. On January 8th of 2019, he was elected to serve a one year term as mayor for the city of Leavenworth. Jermaine has never had any experience in politics, but he says he was led by God and the citizens in the community to run for office. He has served a total of seven years of incarceration throughout his life: four years in the juvenile system and three years in prison. While in prison, Jermaine decided to give his life over to Jesus Christ. Jermaine was released from prison in 2010. He successfully completed his parole and became a mentor for the Lansing Correctional Facility where he served his prison sentence.

His record was expunged in 2015 and then he started a nonprofit organization called Unity in the Community Movement. Unity in the Community helps promote unity and serves the youth as well as those in need in Leavenworth County, Kansas. Jermaine is an ordained minister at Harvest Christian Center International. Jermain advises that you should never allow your past mistakes to define who you are.

To learn more about Mayor Wilson, you can visit the city of Leavenworth’s website:  To learn more about the Unity in the Community Mission organization, you can visit its website:


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