“Basically, we are just awesome.” Jeremy Rusco

Jeremy Rusco founded Dynamic Discs in 2005, on a fling and a prayer. In college, he’d started selling golf discs on eBay. After college, he faced a choice. “There was substitute teaching that I knew I could do, or I could go get a real job, or I could keep plugging away at this Dynamic Disc thing that was starting to sell a few more things, but not enough to really justify a full-time income. I decided to substitute teach, and keep the eBay thing, and keep Dynamic Disc going.”

“Finally, it go to be to the point where it was so busy on the Dynamic Disc side that it was time to step away from substitute teaching. I could do Dynamic Disc full time. It wasn’t too much after that where it was time to hire the first employee.”  Things grew from there. Now Jeremy has 50 employees, and ships worldwide. Keeping up with everyone is challenging, but Jeremy’s strategy is pretty straightforward. “I absolutely believe in treating everybody with respect and with the Golden Rule. I want to make sure that I’m connected to everybody. … I know everybody. I have a really good idea of what they do. … I’m just surrounding myself with really good people throughout the whole way. It’s absolutely been one of the most important things in getting this thing going.”

Growth has led to owning multiple buildings in Emporia, Kansas to house a showroom and warehouse. “Today we have two buildings in Emporia. One is our retail space where people can walk in and purchase whatever they want to purchase, and it’s our online shipping warehouse. … We also have a 20,000 square foot warehouse that is jam packed [with] everything. There’s no room in there. We’ve got 10 shipping containers outside. Then we just rented some space across the street to carry all the inventory that we need to ship all over the world.”

Triggering this growth was an investment in disc golf tournaments and sponsorships. “one of the local disc golfers at the time, Eric McCabe, he became world champion in 2010. He was the big deal in Emporia. He absolutely was. He said, ‘Let’s run a tournament.’ I’m like, ‘OK, let’s do this.’ I had no idea what to do. He did, and some other people did. We put this event together, and we had over 100 people at it, which was just incredible at the time. …[Now] we sponsor hundreds of tournaments a year. Dynamic Discs, we have over 80 sponsored players that are out there representing us. Latitude 64, who produces our discs, they sponsor over 100 players. Then Westside Discs, which is a company that we both recently just purchased, sponsors over 30 players. There’s a lot of players that are out there ”

Along the way, Jeremy has learned how to deal with challenges. “We all make mistakes. Not every deal’s going to be what you thought it was going to be. Just got to keep going, keep plugging away, and know that all the success that you’re going to have, or you’re not going to have, and not everything you do is going to be exactly as you thought it was going to be. But the more times you keep swinging the bat, I guess, the more times you’re going to get on base.”

The primary focus of Dynamic Discs is “Taking care of our customers, hands down, without a doubt. Somebody has a problem, we take care of it. We make mistakes, no doubt about it. Everybody makes mistakes. As long as the customer lets us know, we make it right every time. Now with Facebook, it seems like everybody has a voice.” With social media comes some negative comments and feedback, but Jeremy’s up front about dealing with that. “We pretty much address things head on. It seems like people make a big deal out of nothing. All of a sudden, it isn’t a big deal. Now there’s plenty of praise and plenty of great things that are happening too. But yeah, we just address it. We are ourselves, we’re people. We’re good people. We answer people’s concerns, and questions, and bad feedback, and good feedback, and ultimately take care of our customers. We take care of our staff, and hopefully everything falls into place. Up to this point, it has.”

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Dynamic Discs’ relentless grassroots marketing, tournaments, and sponsorships, has lead to tremendous success in the past twelve years. “The number one [disc golf company] in terms of revenue and size has been around, based out of California, has been around for over 35 years. We believe that we have taken the number two spot in the disc golf industry. We believe that we took over the number two spot from somebody who had been there for about 35 years as well.”

If you’re looking for a sport that’s “free, fun, [and] you don’t got to be good at it to enjoy it,” give disc golf a try. You can gear up at Dynamic Discs.