James Krause, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, knows his way around the world of MMA. His exciting and unrelenting competitive style, developed in his amateur career capped by two National Titles, Coach Krause entered the professional ranks compiling an incredible record. Now a Top Ranked UFC Lightweight, his UFC debut was highlighted by both a “Submission of the Night” and “Fight of the Night” awards; an honor awarded to few fighters. Coach Krause’s deep love for the sport shows itself in his passionate work with students of all ages at his gym, Glory MMA and Fitness. He is driven to help all who aspire to improve their lives through martial arts and fitness, and he provides a fun, safe, and quality place to learn and grow.

Getting Started in MMA

Coach Krause started as a wrestler, but but a friend drew him to mixed martial arts. “I really just fell in love with the sport.” Not the biggest fighter in the gym, Krause quickly realized that he didn’t have to master every skill to succeed, nor did he have to be the most pumped. “In MMA if you’re a B minus everywhere, you’re an A fighter…I enjoyed the fact that I could use my intelligence to overcome strength.” One of the first MMA fighters in the Kansas City area to be good in all areas helped with Krause’s success. That advantage didn’t last, and now one has to be good at all areas to remain competitive. What hasn’t changed is his love for “solving the puzzle” presented by a competitor. “I love—how do you solve this puzzle? Like, I love that. And I love game planning, strategizing, and I love getting into the minds of my fighters…having the influence to push somebody to another level that they didn’t know they could have.”

Ultimate Fighting Championship

To get invited into the UFC, Krause appeared on the reality television show Ultimate Fighter. “I was on a lot of big shows…but this was my break: if I won this fight I was in the UFC, and all was well. Of course, I didn’t win—lost my fight.” Suffering from depression for two weeks, Krause reached a turning point. “At some point in your life you literally have to have this conversation with yourself, like, what are you gonna do? You can sit here and cry and moan some more and not get anywhere, or you can pick yourself up and make a decision.” Krause’s decision to keep progressing resulted in a series of wins that eventually led him back to the UFC where he’s been “ever since,” doing what he loves.

Mixed Martial Arts for Everyone

And what Krause loves is reaching “as many people as I can to change their lives through martial arts and fitness as humanly possible.” A student of Simon Sinek, Krause says “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Krause realized that having the kind of reach he wanted meant he had to find a way to make mixed martial arts “accessible for just a casual member who wants to come in.” No one in Kansas City was doing that. “I wanted to offer them something that they—you don’t have to come in and fight. You know, you can come in and learn self defense, get in great shape, and just have an awesome time doing it.”  As with any other business, Krause has financial goals and metrics to support growth, but that’s not his focus. “My focus is on culture, environment, atmosphere, just creating an amazing place for people to come… and hang out with their friends.”

Audience Q&A

If you’re interested in becoming fit and hanging out with your like-minded friends, give James Krause’s Glory MMA and Fitness a look. There are two locations. One in Lee’s Summit (http://www.glorymmaandfitness.com/index.php )and one in Kansas City North (http://www.impact-gyms.com/glory-mma-powerlifting/ ).


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