Members and guests of ACA shared the “sneak preview” of Executive Life Magazine at ACA’s monthly Social on November 17th. Rebecca Booth, the magazine’s Creative Director, provided a photo-booth experience for attendees. Share in the fun as you browse through her amazing photos and mark the 4th Thursday of the month (4:00-6:00 pm) on your calendar, so you don’t miss the next gathering. (Note: December’s social will be on the 3rd Thursday.)

This first release of the digital magazine is a preliminary view of the vision shared by the ACA Media Team. Over the weeks and months to come, the magazine will expand with features, articles, and regular columns. You’ll find informative legal and financial opinions; health and insurance alternatives, with insights on how to negotiate optimal benefits and outcomes for your family; intriguing articles on Kansas City connections to national events and interests; and informative stories about organizations’ essential individuals outside the limelight; and that’s just the start.

We are a lifestyle media platform, developed by executives for executives. Our target market is you, the professionals, business owners, and community leaders of the Heartland. Our determination is to provide you with unique, relevant, and timely content that you won’t find in any other publication in the area. You’ll find a twist to the plot of a story that you didn’t expect, or a view expressed from a unique perspective.

There is a natural curiosity to know Who’s Who in any community for the purpose of business networking or building personal relationships, and we’ve found that most individuals welcome the opportunity to share the experiences and strategies that have helped create their success. Our plan is to give readers insight into not only who the influential leaders are within our community, but why they are who they are, what motivated them to get where they are, and what influences and inspires them on a daily basis through personal interviews and stories.

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Our approach allows the individuals we collaborate with to share this more personal insight within their sphere of influence and beyond. We believe that our dedicated readers will find these interviews, features, and stories entertaining and educational. It will allow everyone to discover others who share their values and optimally assist in building deeper business, personal, and community relationships.