Watch our host Isaac Wambua discuss with Doc Bates how he got the name “Doc,” who inspires him, what drives him, and, most importantly, how you can get your “jam” on! It’s a lively discussion filled with Doc’s charm, humor, wisdom, and love of music.

Doc is the author of You Are a Genius, a guide to summoning the creative genius within. If you are passionate about stimulating your creativity and kicking it into the stratosphere, this book will show you the way. Whether you are a composer, writer, cake decorator, painter, choreographer, entrepreneur, or graphic designer, the strategies and skills demonstrated in this book will improve your output and accelerate your creativity to the stars and beyond.

Doc started his career as a country music entertainer, recording, writing, touring, and entertaining people over a 15 year period. After being unavoidably sidelined, Doc returned to school and earned a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at Rockhurst University. Doc believes every human being has a “jam,” something they do better than most people around them, a set of skills that sets them apart from the crowd.  Come gain insight into your “jam” and discover how to unleash its full potential.

To learn more about Doc Bates, getting your “jam” on, and investigating You Are a Genius, visit Doc’s website at

Q&A with Doc Bates



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