“I’m a content whore. There’s no question about that. I can produce content like nobody’s business.”

Danny Clinkscale has been in broadcasting nearly all of his life. He started his broadcast career in the Northeast, and has spent 18 years at  Sports Radio 810, WHB, here in Kansas City. He’s done play-by-play, interviews, news—Danny is a full-spectrum broadcaster, fundraiser, and MC.

Start Small and Grow with the Industry

It all started on weekends going into work with his father. “[My dad] was working at a radio and television station. And so I would go in there on the weekends. There’s less business people there. It’s a small amount of people there, so they don’t mind having kids running around and I would do commercials and if, they needed an extra kid for Romper Room or Bozo the Clown; they used to tape all of those shows on the weekends.”

“My first paycheck as a broadcaster was when I was five years old, I did a soda, in the  lexicon of a New England, a soft drink commercial for a regional brand called Jolly Treat. And I did it with my little brother. So that was the first time.  I [was] paid $100 when I was five years old in the early Sixties.”

Soft Drinks to Play-by-Play
From that start in the  Sixties, Danny went on to become a full-time broadcaster. “The thing I enjoy the most about broadcasting is doing play by play. That was my career goal. And I would make it akin to a jazz musician. Interesting because it was complete improvisation. You’re in complete control and I think you’d also get that feeling at times…being in the zone where you’ll be calling a basketball game and it’s like 15 minutes into the first half and you throw to a break and you’re just like, I got it tonight. I mean this is going good. I really like everything but there’s nothing to me like doing a play by play game of any sport for that matter. But hockey is very challenging and taxing; basketball is probably the one I enjoy the most.”

Playing into the 21st Century

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Danny is taking his considerable skills into the 21st Century, becoming an entrepreneur, and launching his own website www.dannyclinkscale.com. “Entrepreneurship is completely new to me. Really. Most young broadcasters…in addition to their broadcasting, have to go out and sell. I never had to do that. There were days literally where I was on the air from 9:00 in the morning till 11:00 at night. … So anyway, so there was no room for sales there.“

“But as far as going out and having a product like my website and selling it, I’ve never done that. And that is something I am learning [with the] help of many people like this particular enterprise [the American Club Association], and others. It’s probably not a natural thing for me and it’s probably not natural [that my] product is me. it’s different than selling a copier or a selling landscaping, you know, or whatever. So it isn’t a new thing. It is a learning thing and I have to keep my ears open and, and, and I think I’m getting better at it.”

The Very Best of Danny Clinkscale
The website is an amalgam of Danny’s talents and interests. “The idea behind the website…was…I had a vision of it being more stylized by far than most sports websites. It’s not just a sports website, but … 65 to 75 percent of it is sports content and there are five different pages on the website. There is a page that’s devoted to our local teams, nine teams: KU, K State, Missouri basketball and football, Sporting [KC], [the] Chief[s and the] Royals. You can just go there, click on their page, and there’s constantly refreshing content: 10 stories rotate at all times. …  I guess the best way to describe it is the idea behind the website is that you can get up in the morning, have your morning cup of coffee, catch up on all your sports, and [hang] out with Danny.” The other pages are About Danny, Blog, Reasonably Irreverent Podcast, Clinkscale Reviews, The Book, and Presenter. The sports page is called Team News & Buzz.

Website to Media Company

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It’s not just a website that Danny’s building. “[I am] building [my] own media company and so people can go there for blogs, podcasts, movie reviews, film essays. There’s a presenter page if you would like me to be a presenter. We have sponsors already. And …I’ll never be able to thank the initial sponsors enough…in helping to get this thing off the ground. it’s also the fact that it’s a place where I think they will be proud to have their product, you know, it looks good. The content is of a high quality. And so I think that they’ll be happy to say that they’re [on there] even [if it’s] just the show-off part of saying ‘go see Danny Clinkscale’s website and look at my commercial or listen to my commercial on there. Look at my banner advertisement.’ It will be a great home for them.  I try to exude that confident sales manner, which has never been something I’ve done. But I’m growing to like it and I liked the relationships that develop even with somebody ends up saying no.

To learn more about Danny, get your sports fix, and tap into his other offerings, go to http://www.dannyclinkscale.com/


Q & A Session with Danny Clinkscale