bob-red-tie-radio-682x458-1Stories inspire.  Stories sell.  Stories help ignite movements. Stories have become the motivational building block of America today.  

A compelling ongoing story on a typical day in Kansas City revolves around a 72 year young man who rises early.  He may play, and normally win, a tennis match before nine o’clock.  Perhaps he’s using his 50+ years of business and life success to consult with a new technology firm.  He could be helping a Texas multi-millionaire, turned penniless, write his life story.  Then again he may be conferring with high powered corporate attorneys representing the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook or Yahoo to name a few.  The story is special. It is an executive life story that echoes well past regular retirement. Robert J. (Bob) Sherwood is living the story.

When you meet Sherwood, you quickly see that the seventy two years appear as fifties in appearance, forties in business energy, thirties in energy level and twenties in entrepreneurial zeal.  

Robert Sherwood, known as Bob to his friends, holds a background that is impressive by any standard.  He has been a Silicon Valley executive and board member, a design engineer, venture capitalist, business consultant and national radio program host.  He still does work weekly as a legal expert witness, author, speaker and blogger.

Sherwood’s past creates his story that should inspire you ‘not to retire but to re-fire.’ The story is for everyone to know that your later years can be your brightest years.

Sherwood’s story is a classic Kansas City success story.  Born in Kansas City KS just off of Quindaro Boulevard, he attended Bishop Ward High School and then headed off to Kansas University. There he earned both a BS and MS degrees.  It was off to California for work in engineering and design, as he continued his education and earned another Masters degree, an MBA with a major in operations research in 1972 from California State University, Hayward.

The years of success accumulated rapidly as Sherwood led organizations such as Envirotech, Inc, as he led the European operations. Next and again the creativity flowed via a startup, EDC, Inc. which earned the support of the legendary venture capitalist firm of Kleiner and Perkins. RasterOps, the very first color monitor company.  Later Sherwood would serve the Kauffman Foundation as the Executive Director of the Center for Business Innovation.  Awards came frequently including in 1998 being named a national ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Ernst.

The success story continues with the creation of SmartText, a legal forms company which Sherwood leads today.  That perhaps carried him to the retirement age of 65.

It was then the fireworks or the re-firing of his energy and creativity began.  Sherwood began to write and still does.  He’s authored four novels and 10 Business Guide books.

His background in technology enabled Sherwood to become one of the most sought after legal expert witnesses in America today.  He has either written technical documents and/or testified for over 40 national cases.  Companies like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Apple, eBay, Microsoft and more have been part of his courtroom pontification.  In 2015 his fees soared above the $400 an hour mark and he remains a sought after expert.

Writing. Testifying. Consulting.  These now fill the days of a senior, yet youthful Kansas City icon.  Sherwood spends his free time playing tennis with his championship caliber wife, Helen.  They travel to southern California often to visit their son Bob, Jr., a District Attorney in Los Angeles and to also garner trophies on the senior tennis courts and circuits of California.  The Sherwood’s also have 3 other sons. All leaders in their own arena.  The energetic couple makes sure their travel schedule includes regular time with family.

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