Author: Tim Anderson

Chaz Wolfe Talks With Executive Life Magazine

“You can be ambitious, you can be focused, you can be driven, you can be a goal setter and a goal getter, and all these things, but you can still love well through the process. That’s what I would say we’re attempting to do.” Fortified by family and faith, Chaz Wolf leapt, without a parachute, from the position of Senior Sales Manager for Home Advisor and purchased his first Edible Arrangements franchise in December of 2102 in Overland Park, Kansas. Three and a half years later, Chaz’s rapid expansion netted him his seventh store in Pensacola, Florida. Along the...

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James Krause Talks with Executive Life Magazine

James Krause, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, knows his way around the world of MMA. His exciting and unrelenting competitive style, developed in his amateur career capped by two National Titles, Coach Krause entered the professional ranks compiling an incredible record. Now a Top Ranked UFC Lightweight, his UFC debut was highlighted by both a “Submission of the Night” and “Fight of the Night” awards; an honor awarded to few fighters. Coach Krause’s deep love for the sport shows itself in his passionate work with students of all ages at his gym, Glory MMA and Fitness. He is driven...

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Tiny Houses Help Veterans Transition to Bigger Things

“Hey, man, you okay?” asks Kevin Jamison of homeless veterans he’s met on the streets of Kansas City. Kevin, a retired Marine, co-founded the Veterans Community Project “to get homeless veterans off the streets but we [also] wanted to bring the veteran community together to attack that problem of homelessness.” The year following his retirement Kevin felt “numb,” having problems assimilating back into American culture. Helping veterans, he found, is helping himself. “Doing what I’m doing with Veterans Community Project is just as much part of my healing process as it is …helping the veterans recover and heal as...

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Rayan Azab: International Entrepreneur

Video production by Tim Anderson, r2 video productions “My current dream is to bring international investment to Kansas City, and take businesses from here back to the Middle East.” This dream fires up Rayan Azab. In his role as international ambassador he connects worlds, brings people out of their comfort zones, and shows them a new way of thinking, a new way of doing business, that profits them. “There are many people who invest in the United States, but they always invest in places that are famous…but nobody ever wants to look at Kansas City. I grew up here....

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Local Man Makes a Difference Through Coffee

A typical day starts early for Michael Johnson, owner of Revocup South Coffee. People need their morning coffee, and Michael is going to make sure he is there to help them out. The idea of helping people started early in life for Michael, when he joined the boy scouts as a young boy. He continued to craft this life view by attending church and growing in his faith. He has carried that view through his adult life and has always found a way to use his interests and skills to help other people. As he was approaching his 50’s he started to wonder where he wanted to spend the second half of his career. He had spent the first half of his career working as a bank vice-president and owning an employee benefits company, before moving to non-profits as Development Director for KU Cancer Center, working with the Cerner foundation, and Director of Development for Children’s Mercy Hospital. He and his wife started thinking about something other than non-profit but still included helping people. Revocup Foundation Over the years Michael had been working with a local coffee roaster, Habte Mesfin, who is the founder of the original Revocup and creator of the Revocup Coffee Foundation. He could see Habte’s heart and passion for helping coffee farmers. Michael soon took on the role of president of the foundation, and  started...

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