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Great Customer Service is the Secret of Faulkner’s Ranch

“Show up every day, all day. And when you’re there, give it your all.” Christine Loneman Christine Loneman got the entrepreneurial bug early, in her grandparents western wear store. “I remember the way it smelled when you walked in. … My grandmother always had somebody upfront on a stool, elevated, because she would measure them for their custom chaps or square dance apparel or exciting western wear. And I think she just made everyone feel really special.” Faulkner’s Western Store was where Christine learned the value of hard work and great customer service. She studied hospitality management at the University of Missouri and then went to work for her parents in their event business at Benjamin Ranch. She coordinated the ranch’s events, and then August through October she would run the seasonal family pumpkin patch on the family farm where she grew up. She describes herself as a proud wife, mother of two and a passionate entrepreneur, and today she’s partners with her father, Bob Faulkner, and her brother Matt at Faulkner’s Ranch Event Venue. This March is the 10th year of their current location and the 20th pumpkin season they have produced. Starting in the Family Business The store started because of a need for space. As Christine tells the family story, “My grandmother was a school teacher and my grandfather worked for the electric company. After a...

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Holly Puts the Shine in Entrepreneurship

For this edition of Executive Summit, we’re trying something different. Instead of our usual video interview and summary, we’re trying a podcast-style audio only file, and a lightly edited transcript. This month has our  interviewer Chris Caputo talking with Holly Grimwood, owner of Kansas City Shoe Shine. Please let us know how this experiment is working by adding your comments below.   The Interview   The Post Interview Q&A   Interview Transcript: Chris Caputo: Welcome back to Executive Summit. My name is Chris Caputo. I’m your host. Today, we have Holly. How are you, Holly? Holly Grimwood: Wonderful....

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Jeremy Rusco Spins Discs into Gold

“Basically, we are just awesome.” Jeremy Rusco Jeremy Rusco founded Dynamic Discs in 2005, on a fling and a prayer. In college, he’d started selling golf discs on eBay. After college, he faced a choice. “There was substitute teaching that I knew I could do, or I could go get a real job, or I could keep plugging away at this Dynamic Disc thing that was starting to sell a few more things, but not enough to really justify a full-time income. I decided to substitute teach, and keep the eBay thing, and keep Dynamic Disc going.” “Finally, it...

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Michael Crane: The Brewer Who Doesn’t Drink

Michael Crane started Crane Brewing Company after winning eighty medals in craft brewing competition, including two Best of Show awards, despite not being a drinker. “I don’t drink a lot because it doesn’t really take a lot to get me kind of tipsy, but I do like the taste of just about anything, bourbon, every kind of beer I can get my hands on. Small amounts because I don’t like the feeling of the room spinning around.” It Started With a Mr. Beer Kit in December 2009 Michael started home brewing with his sons. It was a hobby that...

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Kansas City Film Office Commissioner Stephanie Scupham

The Commissioner for the Kansas City Film Office, Stephanie Scupham, is a passionate advocate for all things Kansas City, on both sides of the state line. Her mission is to increase the economic impact of the film industry in the Kansas City metropolitan region, to provide coordination and leadership on film projects making it easier to facilitate those projects, and to market the Kansas City area as a destination for film, TV, and commercial productions. Stephanie sees her role as Commissioner as an extension of her personal Why. “My personal why is to help people unfold into more and...

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