Author: Tim Anderson

Michael Crane: The Brewer Who Doesn’t Drink

Michael Crane started Crane Brewing Company after winning eighty medals in craft brewing competition, including two Best of Show awards, despite not being a drinker. “I don’t drink a lot because it doesn’t really take a lot to get me kind of tipsy, but I do like the taste of just about anything, bourbon, every kind of beer I can get my hands on. Small amounts because I don’t like the feeling of the room spinning around.” It Started With a Mr. Beer Kit in December 2009 Michael started home brewing with his sons. It was a hobby that...

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Kansas City Film Office Commissioner Stephanie Scupham

The Commissioner for the Kansas City Film Office, Stephanie Scupham, is a passionate advocate for all things Kansas City, on both sides of the state line. Her mission is to increase the economic impact of the film industry in the Kansas City metropolitan region, to provide coordination and leadership on film projects making it easier to facilitate those projects, and to market the Kansas City area as a destination for film, TV, and commercial productions. Stephanie sees her role as Commissioner as an extension of her personal Why. “My personal why is to help people unfold into more and...

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Executive Summit Featuring Davyeon Ross

Davyeon Ross is an innovative technology leader and widely recognized entrepreneur. He has almost 20 years of experience in the technology sector. He’s the founder and COO of DDSports, a team sports performance platform fueled by wearable and smart equipment data. ShotTracker, DDSports’ first product, is wearable technology that provides comprehensive real time stats to players, coaches and fans in practice and live basketball games. Davyeon founded Digital Sports Ventures in 2010. As CEO, he negotiated the rights to Division 1 college sports video across seven major conferences and set the strategy for the portfolio of content and interactive...

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Bhaskar Krishnamurthy: International Boy Next Door

“I’ll just say I’m a boy next door.” Bhaskar Krishnamurthy is an international photographer, filmmaker, and author based in Kansas City. He is the author of The Fragile Forest: Inside Brazilian Amazonia, and co-producer of the award winning documentary Elephants in the Coffee. An active member of the American Society of Travel Writers, Bhaskar is also a Fulbright Scholar and International Fellow of the Explorers Club. Bhaskar lectures about cultural conservation and social anthropology, and regularly collaborates with international organizations to develop social documentaries and travel stories. He’s won numerous awards for photography and his work has been featured...

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Chaz Wolfe Talks With Executive Life Magazine

“You can be ambitious, you can be focused, you can be driven, you can be a goal setter and a goal getter, and all these things, but you can still love well through the process. That’s what I would say we’re attempting to do.” Fortified by family and faith, Chaz Wolf leapt, without a parachute, from the position of Senior Sales Manager for Home Advisor and purchased his first Edible Arrangements franchise in December of 2102 in Overland Park, Kansas. Three and a half years later, Chaz’s rapid expansion netted him his seventh store in Pensacola, Florida. Along the...

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