Author: Scott MacMillan

Climate March Held Despite Rain

There was rain and a thunderstorm Saturday April 29th during the People’s Climate Movement KC march and rally but that didn’t stop about 200 people from marching anyway. The KC march and rally were one of several that coincided with a national rally in Washington, D.C. The sister events were created to happen on President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office.  The Kansas City rally featured local speakers on health, social justice, sustainable agriculture, sustainable design, indigenous rights, labor, and faith, as well as singers and performers. The goal of the rally was to demonstrate how people in the...

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Local Man Makes a Difference Through Coffee

A typical day starts early for Michael Johnson, owner of Revocup South Coffee. People need their morning coffee, and Michael is going to make sure he is there to help them out. The idea of helping people started early in life for Michael, when he joined the boy scouts as a young boy. He continued to craft this life view by attending church and growing in his faith. He has carried that view through his adult life and has always found a way to use his interests and skills to help other people. As he was approaching his 50’s he started to wonder where he wanted to spend the second half of his career. He had spent the first half of his career working as a bank vice-president and owning an employee benefits company, before moving to non-profits as Development Director for KU Cancer Center, working with the Cerner foundation, and Director of Development for Children’s Mercy Hospital. He and his wife started thinking about something other than non-profit but still included helping people. Revocup Foundation Over the years Michael had been working with a local coffee roaster, Habte Mesfin, who is the founder of the original Revocup and creator of the Revocup Coffee Foundation. He could see Habte’s heart and passion for helping coffee farmers. Michael soon took on the role of president of the foundation, and  started...

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