Author: Penny Hansen

The Land of Fire and Ice: Iceland

Iceland in February Really…I never had Iceland on my radar, and especially never considered it as a February vacation. My ideal get away when it is cold here in the Midwest is warm sunshine, ocean, beach, drinks with umbrellas; you get the picture. However, an opportunity arrived in my email that invited me to travel along with other travel agents to come explore this island. Once my interest was piqued I decided to go see this magical place that boasts the chance to see the Northern Lights. Iceland did not disappoint. It is an island of sharp contrasts, from...

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Penny Explores Paris

Bonjour! My husband and I spent a week in Paris with another couple this past November, and I felt like a local before the week was out. I feel this was due to the fact we stayed in a condo in Vincennes which is about 6 miles outside the heart of Paris. Every day we walked 1 mile to catch the subway to take us to Paris for our sightseeing adventures. Then, of course, had to repeat the 1-mile walk back to each night but on the way home, we would pass bakeries and get a baguette for that...

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