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Socrates and the Barbarians

Scott Samuelson wrote an opinion piece in the March 28, 2014, issue of the Wall Street Journal. The title of his article was, “Would you hire Socrates?” He said the myth that studying humanities doesn’t pay was debunked by a study co-authored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the National Center for Higher Education Management System. They said that “workers who majored in humanities or social sciences earn annually on average $2,000 more than those who majored…in professional or pre-professional fields.” That doesn’t surprise me. Learning How, not What, to Think That finding not only reflects...

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Why Should You Hire a Veteran?

Why Should You Hire a Veteran? The short answer is because it’s good for you and good for your business. Let me explain. The federal government, universities, banks, companies that have government contracts and others who do business with the federal government are required to included veterans as a “protected class” under the law that includes a hiring preference for veterans. This so-called protected class is because of their selfless service to the nation in often difficult and dangerous circumstances. Okay, that’s the requirement; but what I want to discuss is the business case for hiring a veteran because...

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