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Stacy Jimenez: Educator, Healer

Big smile. Big heart. But the biggest big of all Stacy’s bigs being the boundless borders abided by her big brain. Stacy Jimenez is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine but strives for so much more by continuing to research, absorb, and in turn be better at helping others heal. A Natural Learner “Learning just came so naturally,” says Jimenez. “I just had a natural interest in learning. I loved studying for tests.” During chiropractic school, she describes what she studied as “extremely hard” and “taxing,” all of which she enjoyed, soaking up abundant amounts of knowledge with a whopping...

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Jeff Miner: Building Winners

It’s not a million bucks. It’s more like Jeff Miner, licensed professional counselor and business coach, makes you feel like a billion bucks every time you have the distinct pleasure of encountering him. He rarely wavers, always bestowing hugs and smiles from a bountiful platter in his mission in wholeheartedly expressing his unconditional love for you. Miner has had a varied career, including working for the Olympic Committee, working closely with some of the Utah Jazz, helping individuals overcome emotional eating disorders and his latest stint owning and operating his own practice. Miner now mostly blends athletes and CEOs...

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Drs. Andrew and Lisa Hall

A creased corner in a beloved book page. A bulge in a soft sheet. A tangle in a sentimental necklace. A wrinkle in a cherished shirt. Flattening, smoothing out, untangling, ironing, continual care and attention provided to common important everyday items. When it comes to continual care, equally critical is one of the most overlooked yet integral, vulnerable parts of our lives, our spine. Drs. Andrew and Lisa Hall, husband and wife, own and operate of WellSpine KC, a chiropractic office located in Overland Park. They help straighten out all the kinks in life by providing an unparalleled level...

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