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BOB (Business Outside the Box) brings an innovative and effective approach to strategic issues facing today’s entrepreneurs and executives. BOB’s Challenge. You’ll not only get great advice, but will receive a challenge to implement the new attitudes, intentions, mindsets, and perspectives into your daily business routines using specific and measurable tasks. BOB is your own personal Business Coach. Ask BOB anything! We welcome your questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question, keep checking back.

Persevering or Throwing In the Towel?

Question: I know my business has tremendous potential, but at the moment we’re barely breaking even, and the pressure is on (at home and elsewhere) to give it a quiet burial. How do you know when (or if) to cash in your chips and take your losses? The Answer: A good...

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Question: I have several innovative ideas relating to my position, but the management always seems to find a way to nix them. What do you suggest? Consider the response a college student (with a very innovative idea) got several years ago:  "So we went to Atari and...

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Squirrel Syndrome Solutions

Question: I have been accused of failing to maintain focus in my business – and even at home. Admittedly, I do run down rabbit trails, but it often seems to be a real necessity. What’s my problem? Joanne, Kansas City, MO BOB: Yes, today I believe it is called the...

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Don’t Forget Your Customers’ Names!

Question: Hey, Bob, I loved the start of this discussion on connecting. I struggle with remembering names. Do you have some tips for that would help? Jim, Olathe, KS BOB: Glad you asked, Jim. I do. Remembering names is a critical skill – especially your own!...

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