ACA Kansas City Golf Club

“A bad day on the golf course beats a good day working.” I’m not sure who made that comment, but it is surely true. Guess what? At the ACA we have learned how to do both at the same time. While playing bad golf, we can still have a great working day by connecting with our fellow golfers.

Where else can you bring a client or meet a new business person and have their attention for the entire time you are playing golf. You really get to know a person while tramping in the tall grass looking for a golf ball. Also, you get a chance to see the character of your fellow golfer.

This year the golf club played on the executive course at Fred Arbanas Golf Course in Lee’s Summit. The $25.00 registration included a starter bucket of balls 9-holes of golf and a drink of choice. In less than three hours we played golf, had our networking opportunities, gave out door prizes, had lots of laughs and fun. During the cold or rainy times we met at Top Golf and again had lots of fun and food.

We closed the season with a tournament. Though lightly attended, the challenges were on with everyone winning golf challenges and door prizes.

This next year we are looking forward to expanding our golfers. We are looking for executive courses over the metro area and also inside golf environments where we can get together for golf, drinks, food, and friendship. We will have another golf tournament in the fall and expand our numbers by partnering with a non-profit organization.

Farhad Zarif, Ultra Marathoner

At this time there are four members on the Board of Directors, and they have done an excellent job supporting the golf program. I would like to thank Don Whitney, Craig Kassing, Juan Alonzo and Mandy Johnson. The Golf Club is looking to increase the board an additional three to four members.

The Golf Club will start again in January. We will find an indoor location or fly all golfers to Florida, whichever is less expensive.

I’m looking forward to next year, see you on the course.

John Marek, Golf Club Director