EXECUTIVE LIFE MAGAZINE (ELM) is a publication of the American Club Association (ACA). Executive Life Magazine offers a dynamic perspective into the Executive lifestyle and then provides access to the methods of livelihood and business skills to achieve it. ELM envisions leaders to dream and achieve the lifestyle and the business they desire. At the intersection of lifestyle and business, lies ELM sparking the motivation for greater success personally and professionally.

Target Market

Executive Life Magazine targets professionals, business owners, and community leaders — people who make the decisions which drive their companies’ prosperity and growth, and reap the rewards success brings. Our readers thrive on the challenges leadership presents, are passionate about their pursuits, and play as hard as they work. They constantly look for the best life has to offer: the best resources, the best entertainment, the best dining, the best recreational opportunities, and the best services. Executive Life Magazine is the conduit through which they can find what they seek.

Authors: Executive Life Magazine authors are passionate professionals who are active in their communities. Our authors explore the spaces of Live, Leisure, and Livelihood to share their unique perspective on the greater Kansas City area. They focus on the practice and challenge of being an executive, and the enjoyment the executive lifestyle brings. Our authors inform, instruct, inspire, enlighten, and entertain our readers. The pieces they write are appealing, engaging, unique, and presented in a positive, affirmative tone.

Advertising Contact:
Jim Grant